With the building of the first automobiles in 1893, a network of roads started to emerge throughout the United States. As industry grew so did this network of roads.

Within a few short years not only was every city and town in the United States connected, but also the westward expansion across the Rocky Mountains and on to California was made possible by this growing network of roads and highways. The most vital and famous road during that time was ROUTE 66. This famous route ran from Chicago, through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and into southern California. It finally ran out of room for expansion at the Pacific Ocean near Santa Monica California. This backbone of the early highway network system linked hundreds of towns, thousands of businesses and millions of people together. Without a doubt this was the first "Superhighway".

During 1997 PenTech Computer Services, Inc., expanded its operation to include Internet Services. As an Internet Service Provider, we offered our customers a dial-up connection to the Internet through our computers. We also provided home page design, web page hosting and email services.

Since PenTech was actually part of this new growth of technology known as the "Information Superhighway", along with actually being located on the old Route 66, it seemed only natural to name our Internet service, "Route 66 Net". To our customers we were the "on-ramp to the Information Superhighway". We will not be as famous as the original Route 66, but we are part of the Internet Network, just as Route 66 was part of the growing highway network during the early 1900's.

Today we have email customers as far away as New York, sending their email messages all over the world. We invite you to be part of USROUTE 66.NET

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